Water Sampling

We provide Legionella sampling and bacteriological sampling for all types of water systems. The water samples are analysed by UKAS acredited laboratories With a detailed report of all results and recommendations which may be required.


Oasis provide a wide range of water sampling in accordance with BS 7592:2008 and the guidelines in BS8550:2010.


Legionella Water sampling

This is a water sample taken from a water system and then sent to a UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis.   This is the only conclusive way to determine if Legionella bacteria are present within water systems.


TVC Bacteriological Sampling

A TVC (Total Viable Count) is a test which estimates total numbers of viable (viable means living) individual micro-organisms present in a set volume of sample.  The TVC count may include bacteria, yeasts and mould species.


Potable Water Sampling

A water sample is taken from drinking water taps, water fountains and water coolers to determine if the water is of a potable standard.


Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Common bacterium easily colonises water systems and can produce a biofilm which affects taste and colour of water. This biofilm also produces a habitat and nutrient source for Legionella bacteria.


Ingress Water Sampling

This is a sample taken from water in a location where the source cannot be identified.  This could be a rising water leak, a well, a sump or mine.  The water sample is taken along with water samples from other water sources in the area such as mains water, river water, sea water, etc.  The original sample is then analysed and cross-referenced against the other samples to validate its source.