Cleaning And Disinfection Of Water Systems In Accordance with 

HSE Acop L8, BS 8558:2015 and HSG 274

We provide a cleaning and disinfection service using industry approved chemicals on the following systems


  • Cold water storage tanks

  • Calorifiers and hot water heaters

  • Mains water supply pipes

  • Isolated parts of the system


we also provide a disinfection service to new mains water service pipes to buildings.


Cleaning and Disinfection of Water Systems


Mains Water Disinfection / Chlorination

This involves injecting pre mixed chlorine or a disinfectant into the mains water supply.  The chemical is then drawn through to all outlets within the building.  The chemical is then left within the system for 1 hour to kill any bacteria and cleanse the system.  The system is then flushed with fresh mains water to all outlets within the building ensuring that no chemical is left within the system.


Cold Water Storage Tank Disinfection / Chlorination

The cold water supply to the storage tank is isolated and water within the tank is drained.  The internal walls of the tank are then manually cleaned along with the removal of all residual water.  The tank is then refilled with mains water and dosed with the appropriate amount of chemical.  Water is then drawn through to all of the outlets and plant supplied by the tank.







Pre Clean And Disinfection
Post Clean And Disinfection