Water Hygiene / Legionella Programme In Accordance With Acop L8 And HSG274

Oasis can provide a complete or part water hygiene package to control and prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria within water systems.


All of our water hygiene packages are implemented by our consultants in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive Approved Code of Practice, ‘Legionnaires’ Disease: The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems’ (ACoP L8) and HSG274 part 2 ‘The control of Legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems’


The services included are:


  • Weekly Flushing of Infrequently Used Water Outlets

     This is to ensure all outlets and plant which are not used regularly are flushed through and purge to drain.  This is to prevent        stagnation in water supplies which provide perfect conditions for proliferation of Legionella bacteria.


  • Monthly Temperature Monitoring

    This is to ensure buildings water systems are maintained at the correct temperature to kill and suppress the growth of                 Legionella bacteria.


  • Monthly Chemical Monitoring

     Some buildings water systems are managed by chemical treatment, this is achieved by dosing the water system with a                chemical to kill Legionella bacteria  and cleanse the water system.  This system requires at least a monthly visit to maintain          the system is working efficiently.


  • Quarterly Shower Head Cleaning and Disinfection

     This is required at least quarterly to maintain and ensure shower heads are clean and free from scale.  Scale and dirt on              shower heads can harbour Legionella bacteria.


  • Annual Drain Down of Calorifiers / Hot Water Heaters

    This is required annually to remove potential sludge and stagnant water.  The water within the Cylinder is assessed and               documented.


  • Annual Inspection of Cold Water Storage Tanks

    Cold water storage tanks require an annual inspection to report on the internal condition of the tank and to insure that the           tank is water regulations compliant.


  • Annual Internal Inspection of Calorifiers / Hot Water Heaters.

    This is required annually to hot water cylinders with an access hatch to report on the internal condition and integrity of the            cylinder.


  • Annual Audit of Water Hygiene / Legionella Log Book

     This is to ensure that all compliance tasks are being completed and recorded in the correct manner.